1104, 2015

E85Freaks Decale

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Thanks to our design team. We have created some fantastic decals to show off your obsession of ethanol. Nothing says I love e85 more than a big sticker on the back window proclaiming to the world that you are an e85Freak. These stickers are not for the occasional user. Sized at 11x2 with a matte finish and some bright green/black/white coloring. This statement will not go unnoticed. Wear it proud!!

1112, 2014

Bitcoin and e85Freaks

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e85Freaks now excepts Bitcoin. What better way to feel like complete outlaws than a cryptocurrency? So we have been watching Bitcoin grow and grow for some time and have been sitting on the side lines waiting to see what happens. It has been about two years since we first discovered Bitcoin and honestly feel that digital currency is not going anywhere anytime soon. Although I must admit I feel like using digital currency somehow puts us on the FBI's watch list. We are going for it. So if you have some Bitcoin and want to use it for real performance [...]

1511, 2014

This isn’t Fight club… Talk about it!!!! e85Freaks

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So call us enablers, we admit it. We like the good stuff, especially when its cheap. Ethanol, for the price is the best. Domination of the e85 performance market doesn't come easy and we are determined to get this right. We have set out to improve the ease of feeding addicts there addiction. Even before we created e85Freaks to unit us, we were working on creating new products dedicated to the e85 addicted. We have been hard at work putting together a set of quality products that will last in such a corrosive fuel and that are able to survive [...]

2207, 2014

e85Freaks Social Network

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We finally have our social stuff up and running. We finally took some time away from the website and product design to get some work done on the social networking side of things. Facebook.com/e85freaks is up and running strong and we have already connected with alot of great people. We encourage you to reach out on Facebook and post up about your ethanol addiction. In addition we will be setting up our company pages on all the other social sites from Pinterst to Google+ so keep and eye out. Also in our footer section of the webpage is our world [...]

907, 2014

Work In Progress.

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We are e85freaks.com and yes we love e85 but more than that is┬áracing in general. This site will be dedicated to high quality fuel/racing components and racing culture. Stay tuned as we turn this broken down site into something worth visiting.   Not to mention all the goodies we are going to be adding.   Stay tuned