So call us enablers, we admit it.
We like the good stuff, especially when its cheap. Ethanol, for the price is the best. Domination of the e85 performance market doesn’t come easy and we are determined to get this right. We have set out to improve the ease of feeding addicts there addiction. Even before we created e85Freaks to unit us, we were working on creating new products dedicated to the e85 addicted. We have been hard at work putting together a set of quality products that will last in such a corrosive fuel and that are able to survive the abuse of Daily Driving and Racing Applications.

Our plans to spread the ethanol addiction starts with the basics. We can call this phase 1.

We will be introducing a new line of fittings and Nylon covered PTFE hose. All Black in usual e85 fashion although stainless steel is sure to follow. This new fuel line will have a layer of PTFE which is 100% e85 resistant and will not swell or burst your line over time. This PTFE layer will prevent the rubber line from deteriorating over time and clogging injector filters, gumming up lines, and line bursts. This stuff is strong enough to work as brake lines. we just don’t make it that small.

Check back with us soon as we are updating the website as we finish production runs.